Relief, restoration & Recovery with prescription strength muscular therapy

Relief, restoration & Recovery with prescription strength muscular therapy

Relief, restoration & Recovery with prescription strength muscular therapyRelief, restoration & Recovery with prescription strength muscular therapy


"Allen is a superlative massage and stretch therapist.  His knowledge of movement and anatomy makes his work very effective.  His approach is professional and well-rounded.  He is very good at explaining what he is doing and why he is doing it.  He even provides stretching and strengthening techniques that can be done outside the office.  I cannot recommend Allen highly enough for anyone who wants to improve their functional mobility for athletics or just for daily life."
Philip H.,  Scottsdale, AZ 

"Allen is one of the most professional and knowledgable individuals with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  Every patient I have referred to Allen always returns with praises of him to the highest caliber.  I personally have received therapy from Allen.  The results were great and exceeded my expectations.  I have noted identical experiences from all of the professional colleagues I've personally referred to Allen." 
Larry Zonis, DPM  North Scottsdale Podiatry Group 

"Allen's not doing "feel-good" massage. He's really commited to changing my daily health and well-being.  I went in with issues of chronic back and shoulder pain as well as calf pain that kept me up at night.  In only TWO sessions my symptoms lessened measureably.  Mind you, I am following the "homework"  I was given! I've spent years on other treatments to deal with these issues (including quite a bit of massage elsewhere) and while these modalities have had their benefit, I have never seen such dramatic and quick results as I have working with Allen. He knows his stuff and I really consider him a healthcare practitioner."  
Stephen W.,  Scottsdale, AZ 

"I want to thank you again for helping me.  I had an incredible season and I'm deeply indebted to you for keeping my hips healthy all year.  It was really great to play without pain and remain injury free throughout the season."    

Rob Johnson, Catcher, S.D. Padres

 "Everytime I come in and have you work on me you always give me 110% and I genuinely appreciate it.  This is not a luxury for me.  The work you do is part of my pain management program and I just wanted to say Thank You!"   

Mark M., Chandler 

"Allen successfully treated my daughter for a chronic hip injury sustained in high school soccer after many frustrating visits to orthopedists and physical therapists.  His skills as a therapist stem from his committment to continuing education as well as his genuine desire to get his clients back on the playing field.  I highly recommend his services."   

Lisa E., Woodbridge, CT 

San Diego Padres catcher, Rob Johnson, recovers from bilateral hip surgery with Scottsdale flexibility specialist.

"After seeing three doctors, two physical therapists, getting x-rays and an MRI, it seemed that no one was able to figure out what was causing the severe pain in my foot.  The most anyone could tell me was that I needed to rest and wait for it to heal.  As an aspiring ballerina training 15-20 hours a week, that was not something I wanted to hear.  Thankfully, Allen Rubin came to the rescue!  He was confident that he would be able to help me and persisted until he was successful.  Once he determined the root of the problem (something no one else had been able to do) and began treating it, I felt immediate improvement.  Within two weeks I was able to start back to dance.  Allen is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals I've met.  He's the first person I'd recommend seeing to anyone wanting to keep their body healthy, feeling good and free of aches and pains."   

Terra A., Phoenix, AZ 

 "I have been meaning to drop you a note...  I saw you on Oct 1st and had to cancel my appointment scheduled for the 14th because I was just waaaaaay too stiff from my Grand Canyon rim to rim hike.  But I didn't want you to think that I wasn't helped by you!  On Oct 2nd I actually felt a bit worse.  Part of the problem, I'm guessing, is that I couldn't get to the exercises you gave me to do until the evening of the 2nd.  The next day I felt like a new man and when I went running that morning I didn't have that stiffness all up and down my left leg (that had been plaguing me for weeks).  I felt very fluid and ran a very good time.  I do my stretching exercises every morning and feel really really good when I run now and am posting much faster times PLUS I don't feel like I have weights around my ankles.  Thank you so much for a good experience at your clinic."  

Greg L.  Chandler, AZ 

"I first met Allen subsequent to shoulder surgery in 2001.  While surgery had been a success, my range of motion was not returning as well as expected with physical therapy.  My surgeon recommended massage.  My PT recommended Allen.  In one session he significantly increased my range of motion by working the muscles under my shoulder blades.  From that day, I have referred to Allen as my "bodywork guy" and have embraced the fact that directed massage can "hurt so good".   Our discussions before each session determine the nature of the work that he will do that day.  Allen has gotten me through multiple injuries and tough training times as well as work related stress - both physical and mental.  My posture is better, my level of energy is better, my state of mental relaxation is better...actually, life is better when I work with Allen on a regular basis.  I heartily offer him a resounding recommendation!  

Pamela S.,  Paradise Valley 

"I think you did it....I think you gave me my life back, man.  I rode my horses hard this morning and by now I'd be crippled up at this time of the day....and this is after a great day yesterday, too!  I really think you nailed it!"    

Barry H., Scottsdale 

"Allen really listened to what my concerns/needs were and then used his knowledge to explain how he would proceed.  I felt as though he was invested in figuring out if treatment would be useful for my injury and he explained what he was doing as he went along.  He was very receptive to my questions."    
Judith G.,  Scottsdale 

"I can't get this kind of work anywhere else!  I've worked with Allen for the past 3 years and think he's the absolute best at what he does.  Working with him has allowed me to keep doing the things I like to do."  John L.,  Scottsdale 

Client regains shoulder mobility with Scottsdale clinical massage and flexibility therapist.

 "I can't say enough good things about Allen Rubin.  He is very professional in his work and he's dedicated to understanding the particular needs of each client.  My husband, my teenage daughter and I have all received Allen's good care....each of us for different problems.  I like that Allen gives us strengthening and stretch exercises we can do at home, allowing us to further enhance our progress between sessions and providing a way to maintain better health after completing our work with him.  As a healthcare provider and as a person, Allen ranks among the very best!"    

Cyndy A.,  Scottsdale

"When I began working with you nearly 11 years ago, my intent was to relax and utilize massage as part of my health and wellness regimen.  Over the years, you've been able to help me with various bouts of pain and stiffness that have popped up out of nowhere.  My doctor wants to prescribe medications but my stomach can't handle them.  You're an expert at finding the cause and working out the pain.  I'll be celebrating my 90th birthday next year and I'm not sure I'd be feeling as good were it not for you."      

Susan C.,  Scottsdale 

 "Allen does amazing work.  He's extraordinarily knowledgeable, thorough, great with details, has great techniques, answers all of my questions and always has a friendly and helpful attitude.  He teaches me about stretches I can do at home, explains how my body works, why I feel pain or restriction where I do and what can we can do to create balance.  He's heavily booked because he's so good at what he does and pays close attention to what his clients need."    Rachel A., Phoenix 

"I wish Allen would teach me all the cool stuff he knows!  After seeing him stretch people and feeling the depth at which the stretch takes place, I feel like I don't know anything about it.  I've never really felt my own work, so I can't say for sure, but man, Allen rocks!"   

Geoffrey Bishop, LMT

Stay Tuned Therapeutics 

Flagstaff, AZ

"My trainer referred me to Allen for a painful muscle pull.  I didn't want to go to an orthopedic physician quite yet.  Allen was just what I needed!  He fixed me up with his incredible therapeutic massages and stretching exercises to do at home.  He is so extremely well educated and has a completely different view on the structure of the human body.  He is not an alarmist and is very sensible about treatment.  If he can't fix it, he will tell you so and refer you to someone who can.  Besides having a wonderful sense of humor (essential to me!), he really knows how to improve the quality of life for people of any age and he does so with great gentleness, dignity and class.  I cannot...and WILL without him!  He is an incredible asset to my efforts to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle."    Vicki Z., Scottsdale 

"As a busy professional, I spend a significant amount of time at my desk slumped over a computer.  I started experiencing painful muscle tension in my neck and shoulders, headaches and some minor aches/tingling down one of my arms.  I put off doing anything about it for a while, thinking that it was just part of the normal work hazards of a "desk jockey" or I was just getting "old".  Frankly, I think I was a little afraid it was something really serious.  You helped me to understand what was actually happening to my body and that there was something I could do to fix it.  After just a few sessions of therapy, following thru with the home exercises and some minor adjustments to my work area, I can honestly say that the pain is gone and I've never felt better.  I can't believe I suffered for so long and the solution was so simple!"    

Sarah V.,   Scottsdale   

"I've had literally dozens of massages in all corners of the world and NOTHING has compared to the quality and skill of your treatment sessions.  I'm not even sure "massage" is an accurate term to describe your work....this is serious therapy!"     Marv S., Minneapolis  

"You are the best!  It's now 3:00pm and since my treatment this morning I'm walking pain free and without a limp.  You're so knowledgeable and explain it all in such a helpful manner.  I'm so glad to have you on my side!"   

Meg C.,  Phoenix, AZ 

 "Just wanted to send a quick Thank You!  My 10 1/2 miler this morning was virtually pain free.  I can't even remember the last time that happened!  So appreciative of your help."    

Mindy B., Mesa, AZ

"I've gone to other therapists who's work has helped me for a day or two.  Your work has helped to change my life!"    

Jeff H., Paradise Valley 

 "I saw you on Wednesday and by late Thursday my shoulder was 90% improved!  All the movements that were so painful before are now almost gone and I've not felt this good in weeks.  I hope you realize how you impact the lives of people and what a difference you make!  I cannot thank you enough for the relief I'm feeling and how happy I am knowing how to prevent this from happening again!"   

Samantha D., Paradise Valley, AZ 

"My back feels great!  It was so much better the next day and by Friday I felt perfect.  You are beyond amazing....thank you for improving my quality of life.  I almost don't feel like an "old bat" anymore!"
V.Z., Paradise Valley